Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quick-Change Room

It's funny how a room changes.

When my wife and I first moved into our house, the back upstairs bedroom (part of an addition from the 1980s) was going to be our "exercise room." Yes, seriously. Well, we never exercised in it, and it was kind of silly to have such big equipment on the second floor of our house, so the room found a new identity.

It became our TV room. Only we didn't really watch much TV up there.

Then the room found an identity -- the home office. The other spare bedroom was going to be our son's nursery, so the computer had to relocate. It was the perfect spot.

Our son was born, and the room found another identity: play room, catch-all family room. As he continued to grow, so did his toys. 

I guess then you can say the room became overcrowded. 

As we were expecting our second son, the room changed once again -- it's now our older son's room, as he had to give up his room (the former computer room) for his younger brother.

And I can honestly say I like its current use better than ever.

Exercise room: who were we kidding?