Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kitchen Project -- Take Four: The Backsplash (part 2)

In a few weeks, our kitchen will be installed. In the meantime, we've been contemplating what to do with our existing backsplash. Do we tear it out? Do we install something else? And if we do, what should it be? We like our backsplash, and it will look nice with our new granite. So, we're going to try to salvage it -- and fill it in.

Our new cabinets will have a slightly different layout than our existing cabinets. So there will be a few places where we will need to fill in the backsplash.

The good news is that they still manufacture our tile. The lot number, of course, is different -- it's been something like five years since we first installed it -- so the colors might be off ever-so-slightly. But I don't think the difference will be too obvious, especially when the new (much darker) cabinets are installed and cast a hue on the tile itself.

So here we go...

I started filling in the first section, and will have to do a few other areas after I remove some of the cabinets. Here's a first glimpse of my handy work: